I’m Shocked

My daughter is 19, but her father owes back child support, which was explained to me the other day. Well, E’s father has been telling her it’s hers. Which I always had thought of it that way too. But the way it was explain to me is he’s paying arrears, things that I’ve already paid for, so he’s paying me back. Well, I sent E a copy of the letter, needless to say she was not happy. She’s never happy when comes to me anymore. I can’t do anything right. I don’t grieve right. I don’t piss right.

A few years back her father had disappeared out of her life. For 4 years he was gone. No phone call, no nothing. Now he’s back. So she keeps saying he’s TRYING. All I wanted was sympathy since William died and when no one wanted to hear about it anymore I moved to the beach and when I wanted more sympathy I made up the story about being RAPED. I thought I was going to grab her through the fucking phone. She says she knows it’s the truth. Well hell, I don’t know who the fuck she thinks she’s talking about because it sure as hell wasn’t me. There wasn’t anyone else in the pictures that I saw.

I text my mom because I knew she would know. She went around in circles. I told her not contact me unless it had to do with daddy. I think I even call her a hypocrite. I know I did. Some people that proclaim that you should always do the Christian “thing”. Whatever, I don’t know who has led my daughter to believe some bullshit crap, but the sad thing is she believes them and not me.

3 responses to “I’m Shocked”

  1. 😦 Doesn’t sound good. But never give up on your daughter. Give her time, be patient. She is going to need you again, and it’s so important that you’re not like her father. She needs one thing to remain constant. And I am sure you can relate. She will know what the truth is one day.


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