I’m a survivor of suicide or so I’m called. My husband, William, shot himself, August 26, 2013. I don’t know why. I’m bipolar, PTSD, depression, IED, Borderline Personality Disorder, fibromyalgia, deaf in my left ear, deviated septum, etc. I’m fucked up. William had ADHD, depression and I found out in court, when his father was suing me for Williams life insurance, he was also bipolar. We were a pair. We were newly weds. In love. He had a dark past that caught up with him and this is our story. My name is Cica (Teetsa)
As you’ll find out, it’s been one big nightmare. Going through a fucked up grief process. Then, 14 months after William was buried, I was brutally beaten, bitten and left for dead.

This is my journey, to a new beginning and my life path, to the other side…