Him Again…

In nine more days I’ll driving to San Diego, CA from NC. I’m starting to get very excited. I started packing up things with the intentions of renting a trailer and towing it behind my car. NO, can’t do it. First, you have to cut a hole in my bumper, then I’d probably have to put a transmission in on the way there. So, then I decided to put a soft top cargo bag on top. NO, can’t do that either. It might mess up the electronics on the top (convertible). So, I’m now down to what will fit in my car. Thank God for my roommate. He’s letting me keep everything I can’t get in my car at his house, until I can get back to get it (I have friends in Utah who are going to bring me in a few months).

Then yesterday the Prosecutors Office called to tell me that the guy who raped me had a hearing the 17th of March. She wanted to know if I wanted to be there. I told her I was moving and was leaving on the 15th. I asked her if she had gotten a copy of the letter from my eye Doctor, she didn’t have a clue. She thought I wanted money. I was trying to explain that I was giving her evidence. This is a paraphrase of what the Doctor said in the letter: Cica had recently suffered head trauma associated with a physical attack and had noticed a drastic change in her vision as a result. I obtained records from previous eye doctor, which revealed that her prescription had not changed. Because of this, I feel as though she may suffered from zonular dehiscence, or a weakening/snapping of the lens fibers……

I was like WTF. I’m still trying to used to wearing glasses again. I had lasik done several years ago. They overcorrected, I know at least one I and my astigmatism is back too. That son of bitch. On top of all this my daughter is acting like a bitch too.I can’t wait to get to California. I’m sick of all the crap. The abuse. I’m going for me. My serenity. My heart and soul and mind body. I have got to get right within myself. I have to get my intuition back. I lost it after William died. Well, maybe I didn’t lose it, I just buried it.

I did get some good news yesterday. William was one of six children, him being the youngest. His brother Steve is the only one who has stayed in touch with me and still considers me his sister in law. Well, he and his wife have graciously given half of what is owed on William’s marker. So now I should have it paid off in about 5 months and finally have the permanent marker at the gravesite. I know it’ll be 2 years when it’s done, but I’ve done the best I can do.

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