Just A Book…

This is only an excerpt from the book. I hope you like it…


Our Story…

I once met a boy, with the most amazing hazel eyes, dimples, clef chin and a knock out smile. I remember him standing in the commons area in Junior High School. He was leaned up against the wall, flannel shirt, jeans and cowboy boots, one foot up on the wall and long hair. I passed him everyday that he came to school. He always smiled at me. Come to find out, I’d known this man since 5th grade. I knew that, but it was fun to play with him. He said he’d been in love with me since 7th grade, all we had to do was find his annual. I thought it was just a “line”.

Time passed and we both went separate ways, but he was in commercial construction and so was my dad, so I was able to keep up with him from time to time. I remember when I was having my only child, my dog wouldn’t stop jumping on me, so my dad said call Liam. Daddy said he had a huge horse farm where my dog could run and play and he’d thought he’d take him. So, I called and sure enough he came one afternoon just as I was chasing that crazy dog around a tree. Of course, I have to admit it had to be very amusing seeing a pregnant woman trying to catch a dog that does not want to be caught. Of course it was no problem for him and he sure did look good doing it.
The next time we saw each other was at a High School Class Reunion. I was no longer married, but he was. We danced that night, it was a dream come true. Actually, it had always been a fantasy of mine, silly I know. I think it could have been more, but it couldn’t be, not then. So, we left it at that.

Then, in January of 2012, my dad told me he had divorced. My eyes perked up. I know that’s terrible. But still, I went online to check FB. I found him, but it said RELATIONSHIP: Complicated
I wasn’t sure if it was from the marriage or what, so I sent a message and he answered. We went back and forth, not everyday or anything. One time it took him a while, so I said, “Call me one year” and I put my phone number. I don’t know how long it was, but my phone rang one night and he goes, HEY. For some reason he thought caller ID on cell phones had your name on it. We talked on and off for a few days. One day I had to get out of the house. I’m disabled. Nothing you see, all mentally and internally. So, it’s hard for people to understand, I told my mom I was going up to the Lake to walk around, do some shopping, eat out, whatever.

It was a little windy, sunny, just a gorgeous day. After a little shopping I went into a restaurant and this young bartender recommended a glass of wine. As I sat there I kept thinking about calling Liam. I must have dialed and hung up 5 times. I finally let it go through. I prepared for voicemail, but he answered. I told him where I was and that my father was there and asked if he’d like to come meet for drinks. I know a BIG fat lie. He said YES. He had some work to catch up on and it would be about 45 minutes. I almost died. He called back about 30 minutes later said it was going to be a little longer and asked if I would wait and I said YES. About 30 minutes later he called, he was on his way. He wanted to know who was there? I was caught. I told him me. He came anyway. I was talking to the bartender, with my back to the door. I felt a hand on my left shoulder. I turned around and there was no turning back. He had me. That was January 24, 2012.

We both had been through several marriages, but were both single at the time, so it seemed fate had finally brought us together. The only thing was that he was living with his first spouse, whom now was just a roommate. I heard the messages she had left on his phone to that effect. He told her about me and when he did all hell broke loose. I don’t mean just a little bit either. She finds out information that no one should be able to get to, such as medical information. She did everything she possibly could to tear us apart and when that didn’t work, she went after my family. She then caused a wedge between me and them. She thought that would cause me to leave him. But it NEVER did.

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