Going Home…

For the first time since June I’ll be headed back to where William and I used to call home. For the past two days I’ve been so sick, throwing up, headaches, can’t eat, stomach hurts. It’s sort of bitter sweet. I get to see my best friend though. Actually, I’m staying with her.
She’s going to go with me to the gravesite. She’s always been there for me. She’s one of the reasons I hate living so far away now. The night before William and I got married she spent the night with me. She and her husband helped with the food and the flowers at the wedding. We’d all known each other since 5th grade.
She’s the one person that listens to me. The one person who lets me cry and says it’s ok. The one person who doesn’t judge me. The one person who laughed when I got arrested. Of course she’s the only person I told.
I’m sure we will be watching some football, she is a expert! Of course eating some of my favorite foods. Visiting another friend in a nursing home and last but not least, my parents. Daddy told me mama has canned some green beans. So, I’ll have to see how many quarts I can get out the door. I hope there is some homemade BBQ sauce too. It’s sooo good.
Then the worst part of the trip is the last day. The Estate Lawyer. I have tried every way possible to avoid having to go, but apparently it’s just got to be. I hope this a productive meeting and not a waste of time. I guess we’ll find out Monday.
Wish me luck going home…

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