The End Of Our Time…

As I look around and see empty spaces, apartments, businesses and even parking spaces, something I never could have imagined, what does it all mean? My prospective on life has changed, even down to the things I learned in church as a little girl. I believe this was all meant to be a lesson from Spirit to make sure we know what is important in this life, like our family and friends.

It took the whole world thinking of all the negative things they didn’t like and low and behold, we shut the world down in silence-if only for a moment. Could you imagine if the whole world would think the same way, but using positive thoughts? We all would be immensely happy and joyful, abundantly taken care of without a doubt. No hunger or homelessness. No sadness or death.

Death to me now doesn’t seem bad at all. It’s not what I thought it would be. Heaven and hell I believe is what you make it. Your prospective and your imagination. I know my life has not been the best lived, the most exciting, the most anything, but it’s MY life as I know it. It’s involved some ruthless people that have tried to hurt me and lie about things to the people I never thought would turn their backs on me.

We ALL have to answer for what we have done or not done. Not with a jury, but we will be accountable to ourselves. Do we come back to fix our karma or do we fix it from the other side?

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