57 Years Ago Today…

57 Years Ago Today…

Today is January 15, 2021 and on this date 57 years ago, William Bryant Ferrell was born in Summerville, South Carolina. It’s on the way to Charleston. January 15, 1964 he came into this world. He was the light of his mother’s eyes and someone who became the provider. He was a millionaire by the time he was 20 driving a porche, carrying his tools in the trunk wearing cowboy boots and jeans and a shirt doing everything from building to development. He divorced and remarried in one day and the next day they had the first of two children. They separated and divorced in 2008 and we met again January 2012.

He was a good man and loved women. He was definitely what you would call a player, lol. But when we met he just liked the simplicity that we generated together. We were never apart until the morning he took his life. I have said that I forgave myself for allowing things to cripple me by blocking my path. They caught me when I was weak and I allowed their comments and actions to affect my decisions by reacting with a knee jerk attitude. I let my emotions rule me and not me rule my emotions. I’m making amends by allowing it to be what it is and meditating to gain what is in my highest good.

I’m going to be selfish and get me right for good! I know this is my destiny. I was so very happy with you William. You made me see what it takes to have a good relationship. I thank you for that and so much more dear man. If you were here now you would know exactly what to do and I pray I find the same path. I want to get grounded and allow healing to get my chi back. I have to let go and stop holding on to things that no longer resonate with me. This will allow growth, harmony and love to enter into my life.

HAPPY 57th BIRTHDAY! I will see you again my friend. 57 years ago today…

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