Amtrak and Me…

Amtrak and Me…

Well, let’s just say that it seemed so childish this New Years Day trip from Sacramento back to San Diego. I’ve been at my godsons family’s place, whom I call Jennifer. There is Jen, Cameron and Miss Ellie oh and we can’t forget the other men of this beautiful, yet sometimes a little whacky, who we call our Family, Bob and Joel. I got to spend a lot more one on one with the kids. Cameron says I’m mean as he pushes down his sister, lol. She’s tough so I’m not sure who is going to win that fight.

Anywho…I left this morning. It was before anyone got up. I’m not sure if I needed to leave. I have mixed signals when it comes to my niece. She is a survivor like me and a lot like William. It’s strange because as far as I know they aren’t blood related. It is the ADHD that I see and the glaze over her beautiful, sometimes looking like a lost child, eyes. But my RLS was not being cooperative and neither were the pharmacy’s about refilling my prescription.

Anywho…getting back to my Amtrak adventure today. I had taken the bus from Sacramento to this place that looked like we were being taken to be murdered. But it was the home of the Amtrak for the 710 going to Bakersfield and that continued the theme for today. I broke two toes on my left foot Christmas and so in commuting back was going to a challenge. I was to have assistance the whole way back, per the ticket agent that made my itinerary. But instead I’ve been given looks as I try to get everything to the next segment of my trip, which included bus, train, bus, train.

It was in Merced, California that I was reprimanded from vaping. I had acknowledged the lady when she exited the Amtrak station and then she boarded my car so she could make her statement more heard. Had I been better focused I would have realized that she was not wearing a mask!!! OMG NOW EVERYBODY HAS THE COVID! Isn’t that what they want us to think and feel???? They want to tell us what we can and can’t do, not what they can do to make our experience better. I admit I was in the wrong, just as I acknowledged the lady the first time she said something. She didn’t have to make me a spectacle for everyone to look at and ponder. For reasons like COVID, felt she needed to be superior and threaten me saying that I could be kicked off. I would have had to accept it, but I would have busted her and the Amtrak employee for not wearing their masks. If they would have told us it was a long stop I could have gotten off and walked to help my legs. Not having my medication was the reason I had to come home to start with and I was in a lot of pain and my vape was all I had for pain. RLS and two broken toes don’t feel like walking home…

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