United we stand, divided we fall…

United we stand, divided we fall…

For some reason I needed to write in my old blog today. I’ve been having a lot of conversations about death and dying lately. Finding 2 young men near San Bernardino, California, hanging from a limbs has made breaking news. As with all the whispers of people scared to even say how they feel. This pandemic has everyone out of kilter.

I was told today that I was racist. The reason they gave me was that I said, “I don’t date black men”. The definition of racism is one race believing that it’s superior over the other. I don’t believe that has anything to do with me not wanting to date someone. I don’t believe I’m more superior than anyone. No one should think they are more superior than the next person. But in the United States that’s not the way it is.

You have people from all races. It’s where you come when you want freedom. That brings me to another story. I had put on Facebook a petition for people to sign if they believed if their rights were being taken away from them. My petition was taken down before it ever got started. It’s my understanding in the way I have interpreted everything that we are being told what to do because they want to keep us scared, they want to keep us in mask. It shows who is becoming more flexible in what they’ll actually do before they rebel.

I believe corona or Covid, is real. I also believe heartdisease and cancer are real. If we kept up with all the statistics that people die of every single day not just Covid, let me see those statistics. There are a lot of people dying. I believe it’s their time. I wish it was my time. Sure there’s things we can do to reduce it but we can also do is cure cancer. We all breathe the same air we’re not in a bubble. What’s the movie with John Travolta? Remember that movie?? Do you remember the holocaust?? Hitler? Does any of this sound familiar??

So in this one instance, write down your feelings on this issue. Right here let’s write everything down that we feel people. If we don’t let it be known then nobody has anything to compare it with so we have to stick together we have to stand up together, united we stand divided we fall.!!

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