I’m not going to say it doesn’t hurt me,
I forgive you for every cute smile I’ve missed.
I forgive you for the disagreements, then the makeups you made us Miss.
I forgive you for all the books I haven’t read.
I forgive you for my Broken heart. I forgive you for my soul seems like it will never mend.
I forgive you I have to let you go & heal.
Not End this cycle in distress & uncertainty. No longer be a victim,
Become a survivor. Find my life purpose & Add more to our fond memories…

Forever and always, I Will Always Love You…

He brought the family I deserved with my daughter to life. You made sure that we were provided for and loved. Through adversity and Madness Our Lives all ended that morning on August 26th 2013. Our family was gone. It has taken me until now August 10th 2018 to come to grips with your death. I can’t cry anymore tears, not in sadness. Only in happiness. I lost too much, way too much. Not only material things, much more than I could ever explain. I’ve been humbled. Since I lost you, I’ve come to know so many people that have died. The first person to die was Timmie. About a year later, Bobbie, then in August on your anniversary Danica. Then my Groucho Marx-Gary. His children didn’t even come and get him they just donated him to science.The only family that gave a funeral was Danica’s. They let her friends say goodbye,.others were homeless or because they were hiv-positive or they might have been th their families had so little regard our feelings. Their friends they’re only friends. Doesn’t matter in the end it really doesn’t matter. I forgive myself. I forgive myself did you hear ?? forgive myself. I forgive you for leaving me too soon…


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