I have a reminder app. I looked at it yesterday it already had a reminder…My last name is Bryant

It was already reminding me of my last name. Makes you wonder what that could mean. It could mean so many things. I speculate that it would mean that I’m strong, resourceful, intelligent, classy and down and dirty when I need to be. These are all the qualities that I admired in William. 

So, I just need to keep remembering

My last name is Bryant

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7 thoughts on “Reminders…

  1. I am sorry for your loss.

    Have you heard of American Foundation of Suicide Prevention (AFSP). I walked the Overnight a couple of weeks ago.. There were many survivors there. It was real powerful stuff.

    I guess I have rededicated my life to preventing this. It is that big fat elephant that no one wants to talk about. It kills twice as many people as AIDS yet do we even talk about it.. That is the anger I turn into.


    1. I haven’t done the group thing. I’ve looked. They have plenty here in CA. I’ll check on that particular one.

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      1. They really more of an advocacy and fund research. Of course, they have suicide prevention lines. I have volunteered for that and have met some wonderful people


      2. Oh, I’m not sure about that, what would I have to offer them?


      3. You would be surprised. I just finished a national walk.


      4. That’s cool. Right now I’m just realizing things. Sorta coming out of the fog. I’m not in a good place a lot of the time. I’m ready to move again and I’ve only been here since March 20.


      5. I understand. Just take care of yourself. You do matter.


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