New Beginning…

New Beginning…

OMG it’s been a hell of a ride since last Sunday. I drove from Calabash, NC to Kodak, TN and met mine and William’s old school friends and I was escorted to Kingman, AZ. My car did amazing, Me and my girlfriend caught up on say 40 years lol. It seemed William had brought us all together again. It was beautiful. They were my tour guides along the way. I was a sponge taking everything in like a small child. We finally arrived at the last stop in Kingman, AZ. I was nervous. I was on my own. 

As I got in the car this past Friday to drive into CA, I felt like I had been there before. It was a Motel 6 in Kingman, AZ. Driving down 40 W towards AZ 95 I was talking to my mom. She really does seem happy for me. No word about Miss E, so I guess I should just stop thinking about it. 

I finally get to my “straight shot”. I8 compares to no other road, it’s a drivers dream. William must have loved it, but I’m sure I didn’t do it justice, it was still awesome!! I had tears in my eyes when I got to the bottom. I had been at 4000 feet. 

I left at 5:30am and arrived at 12:10pm. My roommate is nice and my room is gorgeous. I hear parrots that have been set free here in OB as I drink my coffee. I talked about everything with Lisa on the way out and it really helped so I can start my new beginning…

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