I’m Losing Me…

When William died I died too. I don’t I’ve truly recovered, but what I’m trying to say is that mentally I’m losing me. William knew this about me and he loved me, took care of and made sure I took my meds everyday. Me, I forget. I forget more because of the trauma to my brain.

I’ve had a MRI, it showed nothing. I had an EEG Monday and all I was told was that if the Dr thought is was life threatening he would have called me back. This is after I had left several messages, the latest Friday. The Office Manager told me this.Told me to come to my follow up appointment of the 25th of February. What am I following up? Not a damn thing, in my opinion, if I have another seizure I’ll deal with it. So what if I had four in six days.

Something is going on. I can’t see, I can’t walk,  write, remember, there is so much I’m missing.I just want to give up! I just to tired to play these games anymore. I’m losing me…

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