How Far Do You Have To Go…

I feel him, I even hear him sometimes. As I’m going through my day I catch a familiar smell. Maybe something catches my attention out of the corner of my eye or draws me to a particular piece of clothing. It’s getting more and more often now. Bigger things, not like it was when he first died. It doesn’t scare me and that I guess is what bothers the Drs. Yes, I didn’t tell them in full detail like I tell you, but I’ve alway seen and heard things. I had one psychiatrist ask me and I said yes. He looked at me, I said, but they don’t scare me or anything. They’re not evil. He seemed satisfied and went on.

Most people don’t understand. I respect that and by no means try to push what I believe on anyone. Let me get one thing straight though, I do believe in God. Now whether that’s your thing or not is you decision and your right. Everything that has happened to me since William has died is not God’s fault. I don’t blame him. I guess if I was going to blame anyone it would be William 1-for leaving me behind 2-not being here to protect me 3-I wouldn’t have been where I was, if he had been here (Rape)

I went the other week to see my psychic, Lisa Ann, emergency meeting. I’ve had 4 seizures in 6 days and apparently I’m having migraines too. These seizures leave me on the floor, wide awake, but I can’t see or walk. I’m waiting on the MRI results and the EEG is scheduled for Monday. While I was with LA, William came through, he said I’ve used my energy up here and it’s time to move. LA said it was out west. She said it was a place and she saw a sign he pointed to that said RIOS.

Not sure where that is, any suggestions greatly appreciated. He wants me to do something I used to do, being creative. I finally figured out, maybe playing the piano. I don’t know. i loved it growing up. Was pretty good too.I’ve been looking out west, but it’s very confusing. I’ll have to sell everything I have to get there probably.

How far do you have to go…

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