Boy, Life Just Keeps Getting Better…

The best thing is they have caught this monster that has done harm not only to me, but to some other woman. For that I am truly grateful. I know my senses have been off, but I didn’t know how off until this past week. I didn’t know at the time but I’ve starting having seizures and migraines. I had four seizures in six days. I had an appointment with my neurosurgeon and the detective wanted to meet me to sign some papers. My old roommate was with me. He confirmed that no was there. I had been put outside by myself on a bench and left. Everything had closed down. They security guard even talked to me. WTF!

The old roommate told me, oh yeah the guys (we had met because of her called wanting to know if you were with me. She said, I thought she was with you. This was before 4 am. According to the tape of him and I it was a little after 4 when he finished up. She was in the fucking parking lot. Then she proceeds to tell me after I get upset about this, well you could have gone off with somebody else. I wanted to do things I will not say to this woman…

This is what she does, manipulate the situation back so that she does not have to take any responsibility. She then over the course of the weekend threatens suicides. I call 911, can’t find her. Then of course now I’m vindictive and a liar, she can’t trust me. She’s telling everyone about my illnesses and saying I’m just using drugs.

Her mother is in an assisted living home. She and I are close. She’s banned me and she’s taken off. Who knows when she’ll back. Her mother is not taking her medication. I feel responsible, even though I’m not, but if something happens to Jane, I’ll never be able to forgive myself. She’s 85 years old, 3 kids and none of them care about her.

Life just keeps getting better…

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