The Book Part 2

The Truth…

One day I was outside in the yard. I don’t remember exactly what I was doing. Liam comes out of the house. He’d been on the phone talking to his lawyer, he’s a friend. He said, Matt said to tell you congratulations. I said, for what? He said, for your engagement. I was like what? My What? Are you asking me to marry you? He was laughing and said YES and of course after the shock I said YES. He said we needed to talk about some things first and this is where the TRUTH begins.

Liam started as a small child, making money anyway he could. Smiling that beautiful smile and loving on pretty girls. As he got older he built a trade and by the time he was twenty or so he was a millionaire. He got whatever he wanted, when he wanted it. Cars, women, it didn’t matter. His friends were on the adventurous side and they took him to upscale strip clubs. He didn’t go necessarily for the women, but for what the club owners could provide. As they say, just for the 5 star restaurants. These are usually run by people you do not want to associate with, as it may be your last time breathing. They may be running drugs, girls and such. They all went, making money or not.

Liam played very hard, very dangerously. He led a double life. Some things people will never know. I do know that one day part of his family did the unforgivable. They spoke the names of people they never should have and they had help doing it. They were repeatedly asked to stop. Meanwhile, Liam was called in and TALKED to. He prepared me for what might happen. He said if things continued, if they didn’t stop talking, if asked, he may have to kill me. This would be because I would be the biggest loss to him. I was stunned, but I told him I understood. It was the way of the family.

Somethings went wrong, something we knew nothing about, but his family had yet to stop talking. He’d even gone to his father. I was getting very worried. After a few weeks passed I asked if everything was good and he told me everything was fine, “It had been taken care of”. So we went about our lives, I thought as usual. We took our daughter to college that month and got her settled in and started working on more jobs for the business.

A couple weeks went by and I woke up one morning to this beautiful man that I loved more like than life its self, we made love to each other. I rolled on top of him and asked him what he wanted for breakfast and he told me bacon and eggs. He sent me a text saying I LOVE YOU! Along with his favorite picture of us together. I replied, I love you! He came in the kitchen to make sure I’d gotten the text. I asked if  he was ready to eat. I thought he was taking a shower. He said NO. The next thing I know I hear something. I holler for him to ask him what it was. It didn’t sound like a gun. I ran through the house looking for him. I opened up the door to our daughters bedroom, it was dark. I had to turn the ceiling fan light on, it was above him and when I did I saw him, my husband. I screamed at him to stay with me, not to leave me. I moved the gun, so when I turned him on his side it wouldn’t fall. I did mouth to mouth and I did CPR. I called 911. Nothing I did mattered. They took him from me and I couldn’t save him. They carried him out of the house, in a yellow tent looking thing, that folded up around him, and pronounced him dead in the driveway. All of this in front of me. I will see this picture in my mind for the rest of my life. This is what he meant “it has been taken care of”. He took his life instead of mine. All because they wouldn’t stop talking. All because of revenge. All because of vengeance. All because of jealousy. All because of hatred. All because of stupidity.

My life ended that morning. I ended up losing our little house. My lawyer made a deal with the fiancee on how long I could stay. Liam had done so many renovations and there were thousands of dollars we’d spent. But the fiancee had already put out a trespassing warrant and forgot to cancel it, so I was arrested. So on the way to jail, I listened to a song Liam and I danced to on our hardwood floors of our little house and I cried all the way.

The charges were dropped, but the trauma is still there. They treated me like scum all the way there, until my lawyer got on the phone. When the policeman drove me back home he was extremely nice this trip. I just wanted to go home. Oh, I forgot to say that the fiancee was Liam’s friend, a friend Liam had HELPED out many, many times.

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