Why Do People Keep Asking???

Why Do People Keep Asking???

I fixed this and changed my feature picture and meant to save it as a draft. Someone liked it as it was. Thank you.

People keep asking me why I keep wearing my wedding rings. It’s been almost 14 months. Then they’ll ask a question and say your ex husband. Well, as you all know I’m a time bomb ready to explode. So my reply is that as far as I’m concerned I’m still married to my husband.

An EX is someone you breakup with or divorced, not someone whom you were married to and they died. You’re a widow or widower. Why is it so important to people that I take off my rings? It doesn’t bother me and if or when I should ever meet anyone, if they don’t understand, then they’re not the person I’m supposed to be with anyway.

Am I happy now? No. But that’s complicated. Maybe one day. Will I ever stop loving William? Never. Will I forget every special occasion? Never. Will I forget the way he looked at me like I was the sun, moon and stars? Never. How could I? I will never love anyone the way I love him. I can’t. But maybe someday, I don’t when, I’ll have room for someone in my life.

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