I Found Some Friends Today

Today I had a notification on FB. When I looked it was from a dear, sweet friend. We went to Jr High School together. She’s been married for over 10 years and has the most wonderful outlook on life. So I decided to see if she was in my contacts and call her. She works all the time. I want to tell you I have felt the weight lifted off my shoulders today, like it hasn’t been since William died. She is an amazing listener and also someone to help give a little direction, which I’m in desperate need. She’s going to read my blogs. Catch up herself. It was such a relief to finally have someone believe in me.

The next friend that I hadn’t heard from in a while is one of 3 brother-in-laws that I have. Of course, he’s the only one that acknowledges me. I had called and left a message for him. William’s father passed away and I just wanted to let him know I was thinking of him and his wife. I really wanted to express how much I loved William’s mom and how hard I knew it was going to be for her. I told him about the rape and he got upset that I hadn’t called. But he said he definitely had my number now.

My ex-roommate came and picked me up and took me to church for Thanksgiving dinner around lunch time today. I was really surprised. It was good. I still can’t taste food that well, but I acted like I could. Doctors said it would just take time. I talked her into taking me to see her mom at the assisted living center. She is a Byrd (Trip). Sometimes she remembers me and sometimes not, but this time she did. I thought she was going to have a fit when she saw my face and nose. I lied and said I was in a car accident. I don’t lie very well. We took pictures and laughed and had fun.

Today was a good day…

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