Can Anyone Help Me?

You know I ask that very question often. I had people tell me I really need deep therapy. I fired the therapist I had. I had text after I got my new phone and she called me. All she really said was that she didn’t really handle this type of situation. I told her that I would not be going back to the psychiatrist she works with and asked if we could work out a price. I told another one had done for $27 a visit, cash. She said it’d be a lot more than that.

I’ve been going to this woman for four months, every week, then every other week. Being me I sent a text and told her I would not be seeing her anymore. I was pretty nice. I didn’t even use cuss words. Not so nice to the psychiatrist office. It was on the phone.

I’ve been so angry. I’ve been looking for a therapist. I know I need one. I’m going crazier. I’m having no Thanksgiving, no Christmas with my daughter. Nor my parents. For one I don’t have a car. I swear I’m working on it. Maybe by Christmas I’ll have one. I wish I still had our Audi 8L, but I don’t.

I was offered a job today. Sounds interesting. Easy enough. I told the guy I needed to talk to him further. He’s on the west coast so I’ll text him here shortly and get the 911. Who knows. Extra cash would be nice.

Having my first nose surgery Tuesday. This is the short one. It be a couple of weeks before the second one. Things look good though. I’m rambling. I’m so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. I did find the contact I thought was still in my eye. I found it last night . Yesterday was the 21st of November, I put that contact in on October 31st. I knew it was in there😁

I think I am worth helping. I don’t care anymore what people think of me. I think tragedies do this to a person sometimes. Goodnight…

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