I Got Answers

I went yesterday and found some peace. I got answers about what happened that night and about how I should handle certain situations. It was a relief to actually have someone else confirm what I had been saying all. I didn’t have to continue to beat a dead horse, as they say.

I know some of you are rolling your eyes, roll them. I believe in spirits. I believe that there are spirits surrounding us. I had them with me on that terrible night. No, they can’t swoop down and take someone out, but I know they were with me. William is always with me.

I did find out several interesting facts about my case. If you’d care to know you can comment, if not I’ll know it’s of no interest and I’ll go on. I don’t need anyone’s stamp of approval. I have a lot of healing to do. Not just with this, but with my family, losing William, etc. I’ve decided that by June I’ll be living somewhere different, possibly far away. It depends a lot on Miss E.

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