Well, you never think it will happen to you, but it happened to me. Sometime after 1:30 am Halloween night, I was brutally beaten, sexually assaulted-including anally and I was bitten all over my body. I woke up disoriented and walked out of where I was, down what seemed like a dock or something. I finally saw some people, it was the police.

I don’t remember anything. The Drs said due to brain injuries there was good reason. I’ve heard from ex-roommate, whom I went with to meet a guy she met on Match.com, that I got into a fight with 2 bouncers, fell on the floor and was left with them. She on the other hand had already left me she said because she couldn’t find me, but slept in her car. Doesn’t add up.

First of all, if I was going to fall, it would be tripping, not backwards. Somebody pushed me, could be why I was fighting??? Then you’re going to leave me?? Who are these bouncers?? I can’t remember anything. WTF?? They kept me in the hospital 2 days. My new roommate thinks I deserved it, because I’d been drinking. I remember what I had it was not enough to do that!

My head is pounding, I just took another pain pill. It hurts to lay down. It hurts to close my eyes. I’m scared to be by myself. I wish I could be with William…

10 responses to “Rape”

  1. No one deserves to be violated! Stay strong . TBI’s can take a while to heal and when the memories start to come back it’s usually in Flash Bulb moments. I’m glad you survived and that there is a video of your perp. Much Love and Light to you.

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