The Crescent Moon…

I sit on my deck, listening to the birds, the cars and as I look up I see the crescent moon. It’s bright on the water. It’s mystical. I see stars glittering, wondering if maybe William is somewhere far beyond them. If by chance he’s watching over me, especially tonight. It’s our anniversary, our 2nd anniversary. We were just newlyweds when he died. I never got to buy that special gift or have that special evening.

I’ve asked all day for one moment with him, but I guess it wasn’t in the cards. Maybe tonight in my dreams. That would make our anniversary perfect. I know it sounds sad too pretty much worship someone who is dead, but you have to understand we were twin flames united as one this day, October 27, 2012. If only for a short time, then this was meant to be. Does this make me happy or less sad?
No, it does not.

I did talk to my mother. She remembered. She said: Thinking of you today and everyday, but especially today. Love you Then she said: Just know that I am hugging and God has the tighter hug.
I had told her I needed a hug. My mom will be 76 and text. We haven’t always gotten along, but here lately she’s been amazing.

So now I can still see the crescent moon. William and I used to watch the moon. Actually it started with my daughter when she was a baby. But we would sit outside on the porch in our rockers, they were from Costa Rica, and sit in amazement of all the stars and constellations. We would talk for hours. He knew I loved the moon. I loved him, I still love him, I’ll always love him.

I love you infinity x infinity x infinity x infinity x infinity plus 1

2 responses to “The Crescent Moon…”

  1. Glad you are blogging. I hear your loss. I will be thinking of you as you continue on your journey. My biggest fear is losing my husband. He is my rock. My therapist tells me you never really lose them because they are always in your heart and spirit.


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