Thank God for Klonipin

The last week has been bad, yesterday even worse and today I could have strung up my new roommate by his toenails. Everything that happens is By decision. He doesn’t listen to the circumstances it’s cut and dry. Whatever and whoever it was their decision.

I understand what he’s saying but he has no sympathy or empathy for the reason behind the decision being made. When it comes to “Us” we have a PACK mentality. Just like animals. We don’t make our own decisions and we have to have each other to be happy. He’s entitled to his own opinions, but I wish he’d at least let me get out my side of the debate and use a different argument. I’m just frustrated. He means well. Just a little set in his ways.

On a good note my friend from UK emailed me to see how I was doing. It was nice to “read” a friendly voice. He still can make me smile. Still trying to figure out something he said. I guess it was slang, but oh well.

Better now…

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