Finding Things Again…

As you know I was asked to move out of my roommates home. It was stressful at first, but it’s worked out ok and this time moving I’ve been able to actually unpack everything. It made me remember what I lost when I moved in with her too. But I would have to say what I found, out weighs what I lost. I found my daughters’ baby books, pictures, notes she gave me. Mine and William’s wedding album, his miniature collection of about anything. I fell asleep in his recliner. I have all his Painted Horses lined up across the top of his armoire in my bedroom.

I even have the stereo hooked up. Only two speakers because the others were ruined, but it flat ass jams. I’m so grateful for all these memories. The peace plant from the funeral has even decided to finally bloom after over a year. Today is the 24th, this is a good number. It was the 24th of January when we met. Monday, the 27th is our 2 year anniversary. I’ve been sort of up and down going through all of these things.

Yesterday my old roommate came and brought somethings I’d packed and then we went and ate lunch and drank a bottle of wine. She’s got a lot “thinking to do” as Ricky used to say to Lucy. She has one guy that proposed to her, that I like ok. Then she’s got a control freak who thinks she should stay away from me. I told her that’s because he knows I’ve got his number. But ultimately it’s her decision. I have to take care of me first. Which I’m not doing very well at considering I haven’t been taking my nighttime meds and I have a pinched nerve, they think, they’re not sure yet…

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