New Days…

I’ve been talking to my old roommate a lot this past couple of days. She said she’s on a journey, which is good. She has a lot of questions and she hoping to find answers for them through her Spirit Guides. Her sister is a medium, so don’t go getting all bent out of shape quite yet. I happen to believe in this too, that’s one thing we had in common. I hope she does find answers, not necessarily the ones she wants to hear, but what she needs to hear. Life is so complicated. We need all the guidance we can get, if we’d only listened. I’m the world’s worst.

She texted me and said she felt so low and she knew I probably did too. I usually did when she’d pull this,”Get out of my house shit”,but this time I knew it was time to leave. I just couldn’t keep going on the roller coaster. This makes the fourth time I’ve moved since William died and it’s not where I wanted to move, but Coach is a nice old man. It’s cheap rent. It’s a nice house and I get to decorate, use my dishes, furniture and all the things I couldn’t do at her house. I’m on the river, so it’s great for writing. I’m just so tired from moving again.

Well, went and had a bite to eat with my friend who got the driving ticket. He gave me a bonus, which really is going to help out since I’m moving again. Been cleaning this morning making room for more things when I pack up more things tomorrow. I’ve been having problems with my right arm and hand, so it’s difficult to type. So you’ll have to bare with me on any mistakes. Have a good day…

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