I’m Moving Again…

Yep, I’m packing up my shit AGAIN. This is #4 since William died and I know there will be another one. I’m having to do another roommate situation. This time I’ll be able to save enough money to buy a car, plus save for a place of my own.

By this Spring I should be set. Living within walking distance of the ocean, finishing my book. A little serenity again. I forgot how that feels. I’ve been having my numbers coming up all day so I feel like I’m doing the right thing. I just wish I wasn’t having to do it at all. I wish William was here and we were in our house. I’d be cleaning up the supper dishes now.

Another good thing about the move is I’ll be back in NC. I’m only moving 2 miles down the road, but I’m home again, so to speak. All my old roommate said to me was promise me you’ll keep taking your meds. UGH. No I’m sorry, nothing. Take my meds lol.

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