My Patience Is Wearing Thin…

Being bipolar along with so many other disorders makes the situation with my roommate very difficult. One being I want to throw her against the wall. Truly, actually a lot more but I’m afraid you might call the cops or have me locked up in a psych ward. I do not like to have some say things to other people about me that are lies and act like they are better than me. Especially when you live with them. It’s different when it’s not in your face every single minute of the day.

I was leaving to go pick up my friend today for work and went out the front door and she was getting in her car. I hadn’t even locked the front door. She had left out the den and wasn’t even going to tell me. She pulled out of the drive and then pulled back in and waited for me to leave. How childish can you be, she’s 57 years old.

I hate to keep talking about this but it’s driving me crazier than I already am. I can’t get another place until I get my deposit back from and she knows that. She thinks I’m going to steal something or tear something up. She lost it. She’s trying to make herself look good because she knows she screwed up. Her boyfriend even admitted to my friend she exaggerated a lot. So he knows. I found out too, that for some reason they took separate cars to the beach, this was 11:45 and I got back around 2 and she had been back a while I could tell. Not a long beach trip.

I spent time emailing my friend from UK. He kept me laughing today. He knew I was upset. I guess you could call him my email pal, lol. He’s very nice and very tall. Of course that really doesn’t matter on an email. But he wished me luck on my search for my new living quarters. Which I hate to move again, but I have no choice in the matter. My driving job stops after tonight, so I’ll be stuck at home again. Joy joy.

6 responses to “My Patience Is Wearing Thin…”

  1. Ooohh UK guy again huh..?! yaaay.. 🙂 Ahhh, I can’t believe she’s 57! That’s pathetic. I think she uses the fact that you go to the “crazy doctor’ against you, while actually she’s the one being an irrational idiot in this situation.


    • Yeah UK guy lol. I might post the story he sent me. It had me in stitches. Just what I needed. You’d really appreciate it too. Yes, she won’t even talk to me. I looked at a place yesterday it’s ok. I have another roommate situation thing today but it’s with a man. He’s a football coach and he taught college. He’s 62 and lives on the water and has a boat. He’s even going to pick me up to go look at it. It would save me $250 a month. Idk what to do.

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