I’m Feeling It Again…

I left early to pick my friend up tonight. I wanted to walk around Broadway and venture in all the shops. Maybe find a place to grab a bite and a beer. I gave myself a good two and half hours.

I got there walked around a little and found a restaurant. It was happy hour, so they had some really good prices on my favorite, wings. Got them with Thai chili sauce and they were yummy.

Went to pick up my friend and had to wait and this place was where I had stayed when I had graduated high school and we all had come to the beach.

33 years ago and I think of my first husband. The one who sexually abused me. The one who physically and mentally abused me. The one who held a gun to his head and I told him he was worth so much more, so he held it to mine.

I don’t know how I got out of there that night. I guess by the grace of God, but I never looked back. It took years to get past that relationship and there are things he has done that still effect me to this day. William knew. He knew everything. He was my best friend.

Thank you my Baba for the time we had together and for helping me to know that there is true love.

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