The Book

Well, let’s see where do I begin. Let’s just put it out there, I’m writing a book. There I said it. A certain someone is supposed to be helping me, but as of yet has neglected to contact me on the “secret” access line, lol. Anyway, I’m incorporating a lot of William’s and mine story into the book. I can’t write the book as a TRUE story because of the danger involved. My husband had a very dark past, that caught up with him in the end.You’ll just have to read the book and figure out truth from fiction.

He told me everything, which in the end became dangerous for me and my daughter. My daughter, to this day, knows nothing about being watched, the danger or anything. She may never know. It was terrifying.

It’s been been slow to start, but I’m finally getting my bearings. I’ll put some excerpts in, maybe, if that certain someone ever gets in touch.


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