In A Zone…

I have been in a funk all day. I can’t snap out of it. I drank a margarita last night and it put me on my ass. I had to go eat breakfast this morning and drink a Coke. Nothing like a Coke when you’re hungover. Went to the pharmacy and got my meds. Picked up my friend and headed to the resort. That’s where he works. Left there and headed to my hair appointment.

Oh my God! It was awesome. Love me some Aveda Salon’s. The tea is to die for and it’s called Aveda Tea. She did highlights and lowlights and it looks wonderful. She even shaped it up. Got my exfoliant and then off to the post office. Errands, after errands, even got a pedi and went to the grocery store.

Still can’t shake it. So, I’ve open a bottle of William Hill, Cabernet 2012. Cooking red beans and rice with smoked sausage and going to chill until I go get my friend from work.

My roommate and her boyfriend just came in from a day on the beach. Looks like they’ve had a beer or two. The way they parked sort of shows it. Trying to make small talk just can’t engage. Watching second episode of BONES on Internet. Sweets died. Everyone dies.

I’m back home from picking my friend up. Almost ran out of gas. Dropped him off and came straight home. Nobody here. Washed my face. Ready for bed. I’m so tired. Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow. Maybe the meds are going to kick in.

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