No Show

I made it home from my girlfriends and my roommate is not here. She had turned the A/C off though. I wish she’d stop doing that it doesn’t save money and it takes forever to cool.
Who knows when she’ll show up or for how long. I had told her I thought we should talk. You know get everything out on the table.
I’ve emptied the dishwasher, made coffee, ate breakfast, washed and dried clothes and took a shower. Oh and made sure the garbage made it to the curb.
I may text just to see if she’ll answer. Or I may just take a nap. I really don’t think the meds are working right. I’m so tired these days.
It feels good to at Ieast write how feel, even if no one reads it. I’ve been alone for over a year now and it was getting pretty scary.
I’m not really looking forward to my roommates return.

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