For the first time in my life I realize a lot of people have no compassion. My roommate’s birthday was yesterday and we originally had planned somethings, but she has this new boyfriend and so the plans really didn’t include me. Fine. But, he did want to include me at 10 pm at night for cake. The “conditions” were not to spoil her birthday. His roommate took me out and I just don’t like him like that, I told him I liked him as a friend, but as far as I’m concerned I’m still married. Her boyfriend says it’s drama.

So, then he proceeds to tell me that he’s been through quite a bit over the years (divorce) and he knows my situation, and sometimes you just have to pick yourself up by your bootstraps and move on. I was floored. I didn’t know what to say.

I did tell my roommate what he said and it didn’t phase her. I had every intention of not going, but I made an appearance. I was so uncomfortable I knocked over a glass of champagne and the look he gave me could have killed. So, I left.

If William were alive and someone said that to me it would not have been pretty. Secondly, if someone had treated me that way, they would have been confronted. But no one said a word last night. Not his roommate, not mine.

I can assure you that if someone did that to my friend, their ass would be grass! Even my own daughter said how RUDE! She’s 19. This guy is 60. I’m supposed to go tonight with her to listen to him sing. I just can’t do it.

For now I have to live where I am because I have no car and she helps me out. I can play nice, but I don’t have to be “best”friends. Since I’ve known her she’s sorta teeter back and forth anyway. I have true friends, they just live 4 hours away and my BEST FRIEND, William is with me Always…

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