When William died, my whole world collapsed around me. But I still felt William’s presence. My niece helped me with this. I could talk to him and get yes or no answers. I wanted to believe that it was him. Several months went by and I left for California. I was so angry all the time. It took me a couple of weeks to finally calm down a little. As I began to explore the city I found this awesome store.

This store gave me strength and hope. I talked to psychics, mediums, readers and healers. They gave me peace that I’ve never experienced before. I went almost everyday because I would think of something else that I’d been struggling with. Needless to say I spent quite a bit of money but it was for my sanity and I didn’t care. It helped me to understand William was ok. He is happier than he ever was here on earth. He’s in what I call heaven and we’ll be together again.

Have you ever got a sudden chill? This is spirit, a loved one, letting you know they are here. It gives me comfort to know this. I’m really trying to unblock my mind, just to meditate. My mind races all the time. As you know I’m bipolar so that’s just part of my makeup. It makes it really hard for me to sort through the clutter and open my mind. But I’m really stubborn and I will conquer this. Not only to talk to William, but to bring me closer to the spirituality that I deserve.

I know there are things that I need to do before I leave this earth, so I ask for guidance and understanding from my God. This will enable me to do things that are important. Things that I agreed on before I was born. I’m sure this sounds a little wacky to some people. But I choose to believe.

I was raised a Southern Baptist. It seemed like I was in church every time the doors were open. They didn’t even believe in dancing. I thought this was insane. I really don’t have a church affiliation now, but I am a believer. So to me Spirit explains all the questions that I’ve had for so many years.

It’s funny, I’m upstairs, in my room and no one is here, except me and the puppy. The timer on the stove goes off. I didn’t set it. I text my roommate, she didn’t set it. So???? Weird huh? I was thinking that I needed to put the chicken in the oven for supper. See things are already happening…





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